Dale Hartsfield is a native of Atlanta, where he grew up south of the city near the site of the world’s busiest airport. He loves public speaking and teaching through storytelling. His first professional speaking event occurred in 1984. Since the age of nineteen, he has been delivering his inspirational messages, primarily in churches. He has expanded his audience, speaking at both Christian and secular venues. Although he is far from perfect, he strives to live his life according to his strong beliefs and principles, to include: integrity, high moral ethics and character. His storytelling delivery can be described as combining education, suspense and humor in a way that leaves the listener with a new perspective and a lot of information to process.

Dale loves God, his family, friends and country. Dale and his wife, Amy, have two children and seven grandchildren. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and received his Business Communications degree for Kennesaw State University when he turned forty. He also attended Georgia Southern University and Atlanta Christian College.

In 2003, Dale became the family spokesman for the Hartsfield family when the city of Atlanta chose to rename the Atlanta airport. This led to Dale writing the book, What's In a Name?, detailing and documenting the history of the airport and the many names it’s had since its inception. He therefore, dedicates his book to the memory of Mayor William B. Hartsfield.

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What's in a Name?