What's In A Name?
Dale addresses his controversial battle with City Hall in the "renaming" of the Atlanta airport in 2003. He expounds on the name changes and how he was the Hartsfield family spokesperson. He believes in standing up for your beliefs and relays a message of hope and success in doing so.

Hang In There & Don't Quit
Dale delivers a speech on overcoming life's challenges. he shares his own personal experiences dealing with diseases and divorce. He brings encouragement to those who are contemplating giving up and quitting. There is hope in every situation!

Overcoming Divorce
A four-hour seminar for newly divorced individuals. He covers many aspects of dealing with divorce and the painful circumstances. His main focus is about putting your life back together based on life-proven Christian principles.

The Blended Family
A four-hour seminar for couples who have remarried and blended their new families. This blending process can present many challenges. Dale addresses some of these issues and lays out Christian principles to help families maneuver through many areas of transition. He offers tools to help guide families with practical ideas on how to blend families successfully.

Speeches can be customized to your organization. Dale has spoken on hundreds of topic's since 1984. Please contact him to arrange a speech for your group!